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Arlington Heights Divorce LawyerWhen both spouses going through a divorce have lucrative careers, the financial implications of their divorce may not seem so significant. They have both contributed to their bank accounts and marital assets and both would easily be able to make a case for why they deserve recognition for this in their divorce settlement, in the form of financial arrangements. However, when one spouse works and the other manages household responsibilities, it may be stressful for the latter to consider divorce and all the financial implications it could present. If you are a stay-at-home parent and you worry how divorce would affect your finances, an Arlington Heights, IL divorce attorney can answer your questions and passionately advocate for a divorce settlement you can be satisfied with.

How Does Equitable Division Help a Stay-At-Home Parent?

When a couple first starts dating, they might both have promising careers. They may both have studied and gotten specific degrees to prepare them for their professions and in the years they worked until they met, they may have been able to give everything to their jobs, staying overtime and dedicating themselves to their employers’ success.

For some couples, everything changes the moment they have children. Two working parents with full-time work schedules can find it extremely hard to manage the logistics of household obligations, school drop-offs and pick-ups, kids’ extracurricular activities and sick days, and countless other parts of the reality of raising children.


How Can I Prepare for a Divorce Deposition?

Posted on November 06, 2023 in Divorce

Arlington Heights Divorce LawyerWhen a couple goes through a divorce, they may need to take part in a deposition. If the divorce happens through litigation, instead of through collaborative divorce or mediation, it is guaranteed that a deposition will be part of the process. A deposition is a way for the two sides, their legal representatives, and a court report to come together and document all the information about things like income, assets, and children’s needs, that will be important for deciding the divorce settlement. If you are considering divorce in the State of Illinois and are curious about what might happen in a deposition, an Arlington Heights, IL divorce lawyer can clear up any confusion and help start you on your path of advocating for your rights.

What Should I Expect in a Deposition?

Depositions can be very intimidating. You need to swear under oath to answer all questions truthfully. However, even if you have no intention of lying, you may not have obvious answers to everything that you are asked. An important part of preparing for a deposition includes having your lawyer prepare you for the questions you may be asked. 

During a divorce deposition, your spouse’s attorney will question you. You should behave and dress as if you are being interviewed for a job you want. It is in your best interest to look and sound your best, because the impressions you make on others during the deposition can have an important impact on whatever is decided later on.


Arlington heights divorce mediation lawyerMovies and TV shows constantly show a contentious divorce playing out in a courtroom. In truth, that is sometimes what happens in reality. But in some cases, a couple can agree that divorce is the right step, even if they can be amicable about it. Instead of going to court, a couple can decide to try mediation, which is becoming more and more common in family law issues. Mediation costs less than court processes and allows both sides to address each of their concerns to try to achieve a solution both can agree on while avoiding going to court. If you believe divorce is in our future but you think mediation might be the right choice for you and your spouse, a Kane County, IL divorce lawyer will be able to clear up any confusion you may have and guide you through the process.

What Happens in Mediation?

When a couple opts for mediation, they are generally kept in separate rooms, and the mediator will keep coming and going between both. The mediator’s job is to hear the concerns of each side, listen to settlement possibilities, and suggest compromises that both sides might consider reasonable. As a neutral outsider, it is easier for the mediator to identify the real issues and try to come up with a path toward agreement. Once an agreement has been reached for all the aspects that need to be considered when a married couple splits, you will need to file the Illinois divorce petition through the court system. 

What Are the Advantages of Mediation?

  • Cases in family court can be very public. Typically, the general public can enter a court and sit in on the proceedings, and that can feel intrusive to people whose very personal affairs will be discussed. In contrast, mediation can happen with each spouse in separate rooms, with a neutral third party going back and forth between the rooms to bring offers and responses from the other spouse. That is why this is the most private way to settle your divorce.  
  • Court cases can also be quite time-consuming. More rules, regulations, and procedures need to be followed in a court case. On the other hand, when both spouses are ready and willing to reach an agreement, mediation can be a much quicker way to get everything done.
  • Divorce played out in court can also be extremely expensive, and mediation is typically a fraction of the cost.

Mediation is not the best option for everyone. Still, when the conditions are there (mainly two people willing to reach an agreement quickly and productively), it can be an excellent alternative to a court case.


Untitled---2023-10-12T123540.227.jpgThe courts in the State of Illinois take accusations of domestic violence extremely seriously. Victims of abuse have several steps at their disposal to seek protection for themselves and any children they may have. Courts can grant an Order of Protection, otherwise known as a restraining order, to restrict an alleged abuser’s ability to physically go to specific places. There is something called an Emergency Order of Protection, which can be granted almost immediately when someone makes an official complaint, before an investigation. 

While these orders are in place to protect victims of domestic abuse, there are unfortunately people who take advantage and make false accusations against their spouses. They could do this for several reasons. They might believe this would help their case in divorce proceedings if they are seeking favorable custody arrangements, or they might simply want to harm their ex. If you are being falsely accused of abuse and have been issued an Emergency Order of Protection that is keeping you away from your children, an Arlington Heights, IL divorce lawyer can offer advice and guidance at this difficult time.

What Is an Emergency Order of Protection?

To be granted an Order of Protection, someone needs to make claims of domestic abuse through the courts, which will then begin a full procedure aimed at determining whether the claims are valid. If they are, this is considered sufficient grounds to issue the order. 


Arlington Heights Divorce LawyerThe term “divorce” has been commonly used for many years, but people who have never been divorced may not be aware of all the issues that need to be settled when you are going through one. If you are like the majority of Americans and you have not thoroughly studied the law, you might likely find yourself in a confusing situation. 

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, please consider speaking with an experienced Arlington Heights, IL divorce attorney who can explain all the aspects of a divorce settlement in detail, including how they might apply to you.

What Issues Need to Be Settled during Divorce?

When a couple decides to legally end their marriage, the process can take some time to complete. The reason for this is that many aspects of their lives were legally bound, and now they need to agree on how to split those up. When children are involved, divorce can be even more complicated. 

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