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Important Tips for Divorcing a Spouse With an Addiction in Illinois

Posted on in Divorce

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a huge concern throughout the United States, including in Illinois. Substance abuse problems such as alcoholism and opiate addiction have destroyed thousands of families. Other addictions such as gambling or shopping addictions can also have a devastating effect on a marriage or family. If you are thinking about legally ending your marriage, and your spouse suffers from an addiction, you may be worried about how your spouse’s addiction may affect your Illinois divorce.

Put Your Health and Well-Being First

If you are like many people who are married to a drug addict, alcoholic, or another type of addict, you have probably spent a great deal of time trying to help your spouse. You may have talked to your spouse about getting rehabilitative treatment, attending support groups, or going to counseling for his or her addiction. You likely spent months or years trying to help your spouse beat the addiction. Once you decide to end the marriage, you may need to learn to put yourself first. Divorcing someone with an addiction will likely be an emotionally exhausting experience involving a fair number of legal complications. That is why it is very important to make your mental health and well-being a priority during this difficult time.

Gather Evidence

You may want to start gathering evidence of your spouse’s addiction or destructive behavior. This may be necessary to get a financial restraining order, which will prevent your spouse from spending or wasting marital assets during the divorce process. It may also be needed when determining child custody, spousal maintenance, property and debt division, and other divorce issues. Credit card receipts, bank statements, photographs of illicit items, text messages, voicemails, and other pieces of evidence may be crucial elements in your case.

Protect Your Rights

If your spouse suffers from an addiction, it is highly recommended that you work with a lawyer when you decide to file for divorce. Even if your spouse is a good person, his or her addiction may make him or her act in destructive or manipulative ways during the divorce. Your lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the divorce process. Your lawyer can also help you obtain an order of protection for you and your children, if necessary.  

Contact an Arlington Heights, IL Divorce Lawyer

If you want to divorce your spouse and he or she has a substance abuse problem or suffers from another form of addiction, you need a solid legal advocate on your side. Contact an experienced, compassionate Arlington Heights, IL divorce attorney from the legal team of A. Traub & Associates. Schedule a confidential, personalized consultation by calling us today at 847-749-4182.





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