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wheaton family law attorneyMany would-be parents face a difficult uphill struggle when trying to create the family of their dreams. Thanks to modern technology, many options are available to help those who cannot conceive on their own, and the method you choose will depend on your preferences, your budget, your health, and many other factors. 

One method that proves effective for many people is using a surrogate mother who carries a baby on their behalf. There is more than one type of surrogacy and many different agencies are available to help. However, the process can be legally complex and it is important to make sure you have an experienced Illinois attorney who can help you create an airtight surrogacy agreement. For answers to common questions about surrogacy in Illinois, read on - then contact one of the skilled family law attorneys with A. Traub & Associates. 

What Are the Different Types of Surrogacy? 

There are two types of surrogacy: Traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy, which is the less common method, is when the mother who carries the child is also the biological mother of the child. Gestational surrogacy is preferred by most Illinois parents because the surrogate carries a child that is a transferred embryo from the egg and sperm of the intended parents or their donors. Gestational surrogacy is less legally and emotionally risky because the surrogate has no biological relationship with the child. 


illinois family law attorneyOne of the reasons that the divorce rate among younger couples in Illinois is beginning to decline is that many people are choosing to live together long-term instead of getting married. The risks of marriage may seem too great for the potential rewards, or a couple may simply be uninterested in the hassle and formality of a wedding. 

Whatever the reason, living together still presents challenges in terms of who owns what property, especially if a couple shares financial responsibilities like home or vehicle ownership. If you are considering living together but not getting married, you will not be protected by marriage and divorce laws if you separate; you may, therefore, find a cohabitation agreement written with the help of an Illinois family lawyer useful. 

Reasons for Writing a Cohabitation Agreement 

Couples who are married receive legal protections in the form of property rights, tax benefits, and paternity assumptions about any children that are born to them. However, unmarried couples who want similar benefits need written and signed cohabitation agreements. Some reasons to create a cohabitation agreement include: 


b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_1061312264.jpg Child support is an issue that, for many parents, is fraught with complications and tension. Even if a parent intends to fully meet their legal obligation to financially provide for their child, the laws can be hard to understand, and the consequences for not following the laws can be severe. Job loss, economic downturns, and unexpected expenses can make paying child support difficult, and sometimes parents have to make hard choices. 

Here is a brief overview of the consequences of not paying child support in Illinois. The best way to avoid the negative impacts of missing child support payments is to ensure you understand Illinois child support laws and have the support of an experienced child support attorney from whom you can get help. 

Consequences For Not Paying Child Support in Illinois

The punishment for failing to make court-ordered child support payments can vary depending on why the child support is late, how long payments have been missed, and how much money is owed. Some common consequences of not paying child support include: 


b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_1091909501.pngEvery day, men and women all over Illinois deal with domestic violence. Fear of an intimate partner or relative can have serious negative consequences on a victim’s mental health, to say nothing of the physical dangers of living with a violent person. Sometimes, victims want to leave their situation but fear their abuser will pursue them wherever they go - even if they leave the state. 

Fortunately, Illinois law recognizes the importance of protecting victims of domestic violence and offers Orders of Protection for men and women who want legal help. If you are living in fear of your abuser, you have options. There are many organizations that help domestic violence victims escape dangerous situations and an experienced Illinois attorney can help you file for an Order of Protection when necessary. To learn more about Orders of Protection and how they work across state lines, read on. 

The Violence Against Women Act

In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) into law. Although the law specifically mentions women, protection under the VAWA includes protection for all genders, as well as homosexual and transgender victims of domestic violence. 


Arlington heights child support lawyerChild support payments are a crucial part of ensuring children are raised in a way that meets their physical and emotional needs following a divorce. Generally, child support ends once a child turns 18 or graduates high school or college. For some adults, mental and physical disabilities make it impossible for them to live independent lives. In cases like this, child support payments may be extended so the child can maintain a reasonable standard of living, even as an adult. 

If you are parenting a disabled child and want to know more about what this might mean for child support payments, this blog may be helpful to you. Keep in mind that every situation is unique and that a qualified Illinois child support attorney is the best person to give you advice tailored to your situation. 

Determining Child Support for Disabled Adult Dependants

In Illinois, child support payments are based on both parents’ incomes and the amount of time each parent spends with their child. This allows parents to split the cost of raising a child in a way that is fair to everyone. Illinois has standard tables it uses to calculate child support payments, but judges have leeway to modify payments if they would be unfair or insufficient. 

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