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What Can I Do if I Believe Someone Is Wrongfully Claiming I Am the Father? 

Posted on in Family Law

illinois paternity lawyerSomeone contacting you to inform you that you are the father of an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy can be a shocking experience. While some men are excited to learn they are going to be a father, others are understandably upset to learn that someone is trying to hold them responsible for a child they do not want or do not believe is theirs. Being a father is a tremendous responsibility, both in terms of its ethical and legal implications. If you are being asked for child support and are skeptical of the claims about the child’s paternity, contact an experienced family law attorney who can help. 

How is Paternity Established in Illinois? 

Establishing paternity for a married couple’s child is simple: the husband is presumed to be the father. But if you are married and you suspect your wife may have conceived your child with another man, you can overcome the presumption that you are the father by requesting genetic testing that shows otherwise. Generally speaking, if there is any question about whether a man is a child’s father, genetic testing can be requested by either the mother or the presumed father or ordered by a court. 

If you are not married to the woman making a claim that you are the father of a child, paternity is established using a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity, an Order of Paternity from a court, or an Administrative Paternity Order from Illinois DHFS. Cooperating with any legal suit regarding paternity is important, even if you are certain you are not the child’s father. Failing to participate in a woman’s claims about your fatherhood could result in Illinois Child Support Services determining paternity anyway. 

Although in a perfect world, men would never be held accountable for supporting children they are not responsible for, false claims of paternity are made every day. If a woman is telling you that she is pregnant with your child or has already given birth to your child, do not panic or give anyone any money until paternity is established. If you are already enmeshed in a paternity dispute, get legal representation right away. 

Schedule a Consultation with an Arlington Heights Paternity Lawyer

Establishing the paternity of a child is essential for disproving false claims of financial responsibility. If you are trying to fight a child support suit or show you are not a child’s father for any other reason, call the experienced Arlington Heights paternity attorneys at A. Traub & Associates. We will help you explore your options and work towards a favorable solution. Call us at 847-749-4182 today. 




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