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For most people, death is a frightening prospect. However, everyone approaches this subject differently. Some may wish to do everything possible to avoid death, including receiving whatever medical treatments are necessary to prolong their life. Others may choose to avoid the potential physical and emotional pain that could come with certain types of treatments, and they may want to be able to pass on peacefully and without suffering. When creating an estate plan, it is important to take steps to address what types of life-sustaining treatments you want to receive, and a living will can ensure that your wishes are carried out correctly.

At A. Traub & Associates, our compassionate attorneys can help you address issues related to your end-of-life care. We will work with you to address different scenarios that may occur and create the legal documents that will make sure you receive the medical care you desire.

Living Wills in Illinois

Under Illinois law, a living will can be used to specify whether a person who has a terminal illness wants to receive medical care that would delay their death. This type of document will only apply if the person is suffering from an irreversible, incurable condition that will lead to imminent death. In these cases, medical treatment will only be able to prolong the person's life for a short period of time, and a living will can specify that these life-sustaining treatments should be withheld or withdrawn.

Illinois law provides a standard form that can be used to create a living will, although this form simply states that "death-delaying procedures" should not be used if a person has a terminal condition. An attorney can help create a living will that goes into more detail, providing specific instructions about the types of treatment that should or should not be administered. It may also give instructions about how matters should be handled for different illnesses or conditions.

A living will can be used to help avoid forcing your loved ones to make difficult decisions about whether to keep you on life support or use other life-sustaining treatments that would only prolong your suffering. However, the circumstances in which a living will applies are fairly narrow, so you may also wish to create a healthcare power of attorney. This will allow you to specify your wishes regarding a wider variety of circumstances, illnesses, or treatments, and it will ultimately leave the choices about your care in the hands of a person you trust.

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Everyone should be able to have a say in the decisions made about their own medical care. If you want to take steps to decide what you would like to happen if you become seriously or terminally ill, A. Traub & Associates can help you understand your options and address your concerns. We can work with you to create a living will, power of attorney, or other types of advance directives that will ensure that your wishes are carried out correctly. With our help, you can eliminate as much uncertainty as possible and avoid putting your loved ones in a difficult position when making decisions about your care.

Contact us today at 847-749-4182 to set up a confidential consultation. We assist with estate planning for families in Palatine, Long Grove, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Wheeling, Rolling Meadows, Hoffman Estates, Inverness, Buffalo Grove, Mount Prospect, Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, and throughout Northwest Cook County.

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