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Today's families come in many forms. In fact, the "traditional" family structure, in which two opposite-sex parents are married and have children together, now makes up less than half of all families in the United States. With changing family structures, it is important to ensure that children have the love and support they need and to protect the rights of those who care for children. Adoption can be a great way to meet those needs.

The family law attorneys of A. Traub & Associates are highly skilled and experienced in adoption cases. Whether you are looking to provide a loving home for a child that needs it, become the legal parent of your stepchild, or address any other adoption-related issues, we can ensure that you meet your legal requirements and help you complete the adoption process quickly and efficiently.

Types of Adoption

When a person or couple adopts a child, they become the child's legal parent or parents. The parental rights of the child's biological parents will be terminated, and the adoptive parents will have the obligation to provide for the child until they reach adulthood. Adoptions come in many forms, including:

  • Private adoption - These adoptions typically involve an agreement between the child's biological parents and the adoptive parents. In some cases, the parties may agree to an "open adoption" in which the child will have continuing contact with one or both of their birth parents.
  • Agency adoption - Parents may choose to work with a public or private adoption agency to find a child that needs a home. These cases may involve a "closed adoption" in which no information is shared between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. 
  • International adoption - Prospective parents may be able to adopt a child from another country. However, these cases are often complex, since parents will not only need to satisfy the requirements of state and federal adoption laws, but also the laws of the child's home country.
  • Foster child adoption - When a child is placed in a foster home through the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the foster parents may form a bond with the child and wish to formally adopt them. These cases often involve a variety of complex requirements, since the child's birth parents may object to the termination of their parental rights.
  • Stepparent adoption - When a parent gets remarried after their divorce or the death of their first spouse, their new spouse may wish to become their child's legal parent. If the biological parent is alive, their parental rights must be terminated, and the stepparent will gain rights and responsibilities for the stepchild.
  • Same-sex adoption - A same-sex couple has the same rights to adopt a child as a heterosexual couple. Partners may choose to adopt a child together, or one partner may adopt the other partner's biological child.
  • Related adoption - If a child's parents die or are unable to care for them, other relatives such as aunts, uncles, or grandparents may step in to provide care. In some cases, a relative may wish to formally adopt the child in order to secure parental rights and ensure that the child's needs will be met.

Contact a Rolling Meadows Adoption Lawyer

The adoption process can be complex, which is why it is essential to work with a skilled attorney to ensure that the proper steps are followed. At A. Traub & Associates, we can help you understand your rights during adoption, work with you to meet your legal requirements, and address any complications that may arise throughout the process. To set up a confidential consultation, contact our office at 847-749-4182. We assist with adoption cases in Palatine, Inverness, Mount Prospect, Hoffman Estates, Buffalo Grove, Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Long Grove, Rolling Meadows, Elk Grove Village, Wheeling, and throughout Northwest Cook County.

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