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Can I Get Child Support If My Ex Left the United States?

Posted on in Family Law

IL family lawyerAlthough being a parent can be a warm, joyful experience, it also has its frustrations. One common scenario that many Illinois parents experience is the challenge of recovering child support from a former spouse or partner who feels no obligation to ensure their child is financially cared for. Of course, not only does this place the child at a disadvantage, but it also requires the parent receiving child support to work overtime just to get what they are legally due.

Some parents who do not want to pay child support will go so far as to leave the country to avoid their responsibilities. Other parents will get deported or move and simply stop making payments. If you find yourself confronted with the necessity of chasing your child’s other parent across the globe to get child support, read on.

Are Parents in Other Countries Still Required to Pay Child Support?

Leaving the United States does not absolve a parent or his or her responsibility to pay child support. However, before any enforcement action can be taken, a legitimate child support order must be put in place by an Illinois court. Your child’s other parent does not have to be present for the order to be put in place, but without an order, the authorities cannot take action.

If you already have a child support order, get in touch with the Illinois Title IV-D Agency. This is an organization that works with law enforcement to make sure parents meet their support obligations. Your attorney can help you do this. When the United States has a reciprocal child support obligation with another country, the Illinois Title IV-D child support division can work with the authorities in that country to enforce support obligations.

Although the United States has a reciprocal child support agreement with many western countries, a surprising number of nearby countries are not on the list. If you are worried that your ex may try to flee the country to avoid child support, it may be to your benefit to take action early. Once a parent is at least $2,500 behind in child support payments, the authorities can revoke their passport until payments are made.

Call an Arlington Heights Child Support Attorney

If you are faced with a complex, challenging child support situation, there is no need to go through this trying experience alone. The experienced Arlington Heights child support recovery attorneys at A. Traub & Associates are ready to help you pursue every remedy to get you and your child the financial support you need. Call us today at 847-749-4182 to schedule a consultation and get started.





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