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Could Mediation Be the Right Choice for My Illinois Divorce?

Posted on October 27, 2023 in Divorce

Arlington heights divorce mediation lawyerMovies and TV shows constantly show a contentious divorce playing out in a courtroom. In truth, that is sometimes what happens in reality. But in some cases, a couple can agree that divorce is the right step, even if they can be amicable about it. Instead of going to court, a couple can decide to try mediation, which is becoming more and more common in family law issues. Mediation costs less than court processes and allows both sides to address each of their concerns to try to achieve a solution both can agree on while avoiding going to court. If you believe divorce is in our future but you think mediation might be the right choice for you and your spouse, a Kane County, IL divorce lawyer will be able to clear up any confusion you may have and guide you through the process.

What Happens in Mediation?

When a couple opts for mediation, they are generally kept in separate rooms, and the mediator will keep coming and going between both. The mediator’s job is to hear the concerns of each side, listen to settlement possibilities, and suggest compromises that both sides might consider reasonable. As a neutral outsider, it is easier for the mediator to identify the real issues and try to come up with a path toward agreement. Once an agreement has been reached for all the aspects that need to be considered when a married couple splits, you will need to file the Illinois divorce petition through the court system. 

What Are the Advantages of Mediation?

  • Cases in family court can be very public. Typically, the general public can enter a court and sit in on the proceedings, and that can feel intrusive to people whose very personal affairs will be discussed. In contrast, mediation can happen with each spouse in separate rooms, with a neutral third party going back and forth between the rooms to bring offers and responses from the other spouse. That is why this is the most private way to settle your divorce.  
  • Court cases can also be quite time-consuming. More rules, regulations, and procedures need to be followed in a court case. On the other hand, when both spouses are ready and willing to reach an agreement, mediation can be a much quicker way to get everything done.
  • Divorce played out in court can also be extremely expensive, and mediation is typically a fraction of the cost.

Mediation is not the best option for everyone. Still, when the conditions are there (mainly two people willing to reach an agreement quickly and productively), it can be an excellent alternative to a court case.

Contact an Arlington Heights, IL Divorce Mediation Lawyer

If you and your spouse are headed towards but believe you might be able to settle amicably, mediation might be the right step for you. An experienced Arlington Heights, IL divorce mediation attorney can help you understand if it would be a good fit for your circumstances. Call A. Traub & Associates at 847-749-4182 today to figure out the best way for you to protect your rights and interests.

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