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Five Tips to End Your Cook County Divorce and Start 2022 On the Right Foot

 Posted on December 30, 2021 in Divorce

chicago divorce lawyerAlthough many divorcing spouses look forward to the finalization of the Illinois divorce process in the hope that they will start a new life and things will be easier, the difficult truth is that for many people, finalizing a divorce is the beginning of challenges – albeit a different set of them. But that does not mean that life after divorce cannot be meaningful and healing. If you are in the final stages of your divorce and are looking to start the near year on a positive note, here are some helpful tips to help you move forward.

Do Not View Your Marriage, Or Yourself, as a Failure

Many divorcees view their marriage as a failure, but there are many things throughout life that do not work out. Rather than beating yourself up, try to understand that divorce happens to many, many people and remember your marriage as one part of a long life.

Ask Yourself What You Learned

Rarely is the breakdown of the relationship the complete responsibility of just one spouse. Even if your spouse engaged in egregious behavior like infidelity or substance abuse, chances are you could still learn a thing or two – even if it is just keeping your eyes wide open for red flags in the future.

Try Not to Carry a Grudge

It is something of a cliché that grudges only hurt the person who holds them, but it is true nonetheless. Carrying a grudge towards your ex-spouse cannot change the past, nor can it help you seek a better future. Although there are legitimate reasons to feel resentment or anger towards other people, a good therapist can help you work through these emotions so they pass in time, and you can move on.

Find Your Routine and Stick to It

Divorce is often a massive upheaval that disrupts routines and forces many uncomfortable changes. The more you can give yourself consistency and reliability, the easier the post-divorce transition will be. Children especially thrive on routine, but adults benefit from it too. Create a schedule that works for you and make sure you are getting enough sleep and eating well.

Take a Break From Dating

It can be tempting to jump back into the dating pool after many years of loneliness or neglect. However, experts caution that this may not serve you in the long run – especially if you have children. Instead, take time to turn inward and remember who you are independent of anyone else. Work through your emotions about the divorce and take time to do things you enjoy.

Schedule a Consultation with an Arlington Heights Divorce Lawyer

Whether you are just starting out in your divorce or need some help wrapping things up, the experienced Cook County divorce attorneys with A. Traub & Associates are here to help you get things done. We provide a friendly, sensible office environment and want you to feel comfortable asking questions so you can get results. Call us today at 847-749-4182 to schedule your initial consultation.




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