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During Divorce, Should I Change My Social Media Conduct?

 Posted on December 12, 2023 in Divorce

Arlington Heights Divorce Attorney

Something that never used to be taken into account during divorce proceedings and now has an important role to play is how the soon-to-be-ex spouses conduct themselves on their various social media profiles. Social networks are increasingly important in people’s lives, as their uses have expanded to connecting with old friends, sharing milestones, professional networking, meeting potential dates, collaborating, and more. The issue is that regardless of whatever privacy settings you think you have put in place, whatever you post online is accessible to the entire world, and that can have implications for your divorce settlement. If you are considering divorce and find yourself wondering whether you need to make any changes to your social media conduct, an Arlington Heights, IL divorce lawyer can clear up any confusion you may have and help you create a plan of action for going forward.

Can My Social Media Profiles Impact My Divorce Settlement?

When a couple is going through a divorce, each spouse might try to represent themselves differently than how they truly are in an attempt to get a better divorce settlement. They might try to display themselves as having financial troubles, which could mean that they may not be compelled to pay their ex alimony or could even ensure that they receive these payments from their ex. They might try to present themselves as extremely loving and involved parents to ensure a favorable custody arrangement. However you wish to present yourself, there could be evidence to the contrary readily available online.

  • If you are claiming you are financially unstable because you want to avoid needing to make alimony payments or you are trying to ensure that you receive these, it could be challenging if there are pictures of you online posing in new brand-name clothing, with a fancy watch or bag, or near a luxury car.

  • If you want to present yourself as a stay-at-home parent who has not been able to keep a job due to your household responsibilities, proof online of numerous trips and vacations might undermine your case.

  • If you are trying to present yourself as the responsible adult in the situation but there are photos of you online with evidence of irresponsible behavior, this could harm your case.

Contact an Arlington Heights, IL Divorce Lawyer

If divorce is in your future and you are concerned about the narrative your online profiles might offer the court, an experienced Arlington Heights, IL divorce attorney will be able to offer answers to your questions and get you started on a path of advocating for your rights. Please call 847-749-4182 to speak to a talented A. Traub & Associates attorney who will fight aggressively for your best interests.

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