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In the Spirit of the Upcoming Holidays, Consider Mediation for Your Illinois Divorce

Posted on November 27, 2019 in Divorce

Arlington Heights family law attorneysIssues of family law, including divorce, parental responsibility concerns, and child support, can become extremely contentious and stressful.  Too often, the opposing parties become so focused on “winning” or proving a point that they lose sight of the real matters at hand. This can be especially tragic when children are caught in the middle, as they often become collateral damage when they should be the primary focus.

If you are in the midst of an ongoing legal struggle, there is, unfortunately, no quick fix. But despite being a popular Hollywood cliché, you may choose to take some inspiration from the spirit of the Christmas season. Perhaps, instead of continuing to find ways to “win,” consider proposing a more cooperative approach to settling your differences. For many families, mediation may be just the solution they need.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that is used in a variety of applications under the law. In general, the process involves opposing parties meeting with a third party facilitator called a mediator, who is often also a trained attorney. With the mediator’s guidance, the parties discuss and negotiate the various aspects of their case, eventually working toward a mutually agreeable compromise. Civil courts encourage would-be litigants to seek mediation and to reserve the courtroom for those who simply cannot work out their differences any other way.

As applied to family law concerns, mediation is much the same, and virtually any element of a divorce can be mediated. Divorcing spouses, and especially divorcing parents, often find that the process offers a much higher degree of control over the proceedings, along with a greater sense of respect for the other party’s positions. Mediation also creates the opportunity to discuss details that the court may not be inclined to address, such as arrangements for family pets.

One of other major advantages to mediation is the flexibility the process offers. You and the other party are only limited by your own personal schedules and that of your mediator, rather than having to rely on the structured docket of the court system. If your mediator is willing, you can even schedule sessions on evenings and weekends, as you work toward an agreement that best suits your family’s needs.

Call a Rolling Meadows Divorce Mediation Lawyer

If the holiday season inspires you to look for a new way to resolve your family law dispute, contact an experienced Arlington Heights family law attorney at A. Traub & Associates. We will review your situation and help you find the most appropriate avenue for reaching an amicable agreement if at all possible. Call 847-749-4182 to schedule your introductory consultation today.




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