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Can I Use Online Software to Get Divorced in Illinois? 

Posted on in Divorce

arlington heights divorce lawyerWhile many parts of getting divorced in Illinois are flexible, such as the exact details of how a particular couple will divide their marital property, other parts are more technical and, at the end of the day, all elements in a divorce decree must follow Illinois law. For simple divorces involving couples who have no children and no significant shared property, following the law may be easier because there are fewer complex issues to negotiate or legal statutes to interpret. 

Many versions of online divorce software have cropped up in recent years to address divorce for couples who trust their ability to follow the law and handle the divorce process themselves. Divorce is not the only legal situation for which software exists - loan agreements, prenuptial agreements, wills and trusts, and tax returns can all be set up online. While the ease and simplicity of many of these services can be beneficial and inexpensive, potential divorcees should be wary of relying on internet software to handle the entirety of their divorce. 

Mistakes Take Time and Money to Fix

Legal software is often one-size-fits-all. While it can accommodate complications to a degree, complex problems or unique situations often require professional help beyond what automatic programs can deliver. Divorce is a serious process and mistakes can be costly in terms of time and money - not only because technical errors must be addressed before the divorce can be finalized but because, if an important detail is forgotten or overlooked, the court’s future interpretation of the divorce decree can place a spouse at a significant disadvantage well into the future. 

Divorce Attorneys Work with You to Give Tailored Advice

While divorce attorneys sometimes have a reputation for deliberately increasing conflict to drag out a divorce and increase their revenue, this is rarely true. A good divorce attorney will work carefully with you to understand your wishes and concerns and can help you conduct your divorce quickly and efficiently. They can make sure you are addressing all issues, getting a fair settlement, and considering outcomes that may result from your decisions. Attorneys will often provide representation that is tailored to your situation so you do not pay for more services than you need. 

Schedule a Consultation with an Arlington Heights Divorce Lawyer

Even if you ultimately decide to use online software to complete your divorce, consider the benefits of meeting with an experienced Arlington Heights divorce attorney with A. Traub & Associates. We offer limited-scope representation so you can get as little or as much help as you need while you navigate your divorce. Avoid expensive mistakes, get answers to your questions, and act with confidence. Call us today at [[phone]]. 




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