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Three Tips for Preparing for a High-Conflict Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

chicago divorce lawyerMany people avoid beginning the Illinois divorce process because they have such a contentious relationship with their spouse and they only anticipate things will get worse during the divorce. Unfortunately, bitter relationships rarely end with amicable divorces, and many spouses’ worst fears are confirmed once the divorce begins. 

However, a great divorce attorney can help you get a fair divorce decree, even if your spouse is determined to hide marital assets, fight your claims for spousal maintenance, or argue over who should have custody of the kids. Here are three tips for preparing for a high-conflict divorce; read through them and then contact a divorce attorney with experience advocating for clients during contentious divorces. 

Know Your Finances

Abusive or domineering spouses are often dishonest or sneaky when it comes to finances. Your spouse may be hiding money from you, whether by stashing it away in a savings account or by lying about how much money they make. Your spouse may also be dishonest about the ownership or value of certain assets, especially ones that are easier to hide. Before you begin the divorce process and alert your spouse to the fact that your marital possessions will be under scrutiny, collect as much information as you can about your finances. 

Build a Strong Support System 

Your friends and family may be surprised by how acrimonious divorce can become, especially if they are unaware of how contentious your relationship was before the divorce. Talk to people you trust, including friends, coworkers, or religious leaders, and try to get a plan in place for getting help when you need it. Whether it is a place to stay, a sitter for your kids, a day off work to go to court, or just a shoulder to cry on, sometimes it takes a village to get through a divorce. 

Understand Your Legal Rights

Many people will avoid a protracted legal fight just to get it over with. If your know your legal rights, however, you are less likely to settle for an unfair deal that does not take your marital contributions into consideration. Do not sell yourself short by assuming you are not entitled to things like spousal support or property division; get help from an attorney who can advocate on your behalf for these things. 

Meet with an Arlington Heights High-Conflict Divorce Lawyer

The outstanding team of experienced Cook County high-conflict divorce attorneys at A. Traub & Associates has seen every trick in the book when it comes to spouses trying to cheat their way to a better divorce decree. We will provide excellent representation so you know that you are getting a fair divorce decree, even if that means litigating your case in court. Call us today at 847-749-4182 to schedule a consultation and learn more about our approach. 




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