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Can I Appeal for More Parenting Time in Illinois?

 Posted on February 09, 2024 in Child Custody

IL family lawyerDivorce proceedings are a time for spouses to figure out all the ways that their formerly merged lives will now continue apart. For parents, this includes arrangements for how their children will be raised in the future by their unmarried parents. Divorce settlements generally reflect the parents’ circumstances at the time of the divorce, but if those circumstances change, a parent might wish to modify their settlement. For example, if you are in a much better place than you were at the time your divorce was being finalized, a conversation about divorce settlement modification with a knowledgeable Arlington Heights, IL child custody lawyer might be extremely helpful for you.

What Is Parenting Time?

What we commonly refer to as custody or visitation is legally known by the State of Illinois as parenting time. This term describes the time that a child is physically with and under the care of either parent. In most Illinois divorce cases, even if one parent has primary custody, both will be granted some amount of parenting time. The actual decision about who the child is with and when is calculated after considering several factors, including:

  • Whatever is determined to be in the child’s interest.
  • What the child wants
  • What each parent can provide
  • Each parent’s time constraints
  • Any mental or physical health issues that could affect the child or parents

While all this is done in an attempt to ensure that the child is being given the best chance at a healthy upbringing, like in all parts of life, circumstances can change. If one parent was working an inflexible job with night shifts while the divorce was finalized but developed their career over time and can now work and have the flexibility to do school drop-offs and pickups and enjoy quality time afterward, this might be a good case for a parenting time modification. The same can be said for a parent who had a drug or alcohol addiction and was an unstable presence at the time of the divorce; if that same parent has gotten over their addiction and maybe even went through some treatment program they could bring proof of to the court, this could also be a good case for a modification.

Contact an Arlington Heights, IL Child Custody Attorney

If you believe that your new circumstances would offer reasonable grounds for increased parenting time, an experienced Arlington Heights, IL post-divorce modification lawyer can review your case and advise you further. Call A. Traub & Associates at 847-749-4182 so we can get started.

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